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Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise - Data Exchange
Data encryption for removable media

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise - Data Exchange

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Your users need to exchange information to do their jobs. And you need to protect sensitive and confidential data. We make it practical to do both. Our SafeGuard Data Exchange encrypts files on removable media as well as files exchanged between removable media, PCs and email attachments.

  • Encrypts many types of storage devices quickly and easily: USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, rewritable CDs/DVDs and email attachments
  • Protects data on multiple file systems including FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, CDFS, Joliet
  • Uses the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with 256-bit keys
  • Provides secure key derivation using PKCS #5
  • Prevents nonencrypted sensitive data from being stored on — or copied from — storage devices
  • Automatically applies your chosen security policy based on the media type
  • Centralizes key backup and restore with our SafeGuard Management Center
  • Ensures comprehensive data security when used with other Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise modules

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