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Sophos Remote Ransomware

Malicious remote encryption is a popular ransomware technique used in around 60% of human-operated ransomware attacks. Read this guide to learn about the risk of remote ransomware and Sophos’ industry-leading ransomware protection that stops it.


Read this guide to learn about:

  • What is remote ransomware?
  • Why is remote ransomware so prevalent?
  • How to elevate your protection against remote ransomware


Sophos Protects Against Ransomware Attacks With:

Exploit Prevention

Stop hackers from using the tricks and methods they rely on – take their best tools away from them with exploit prevention.

Ransomware Protection

CryptoGuard uses behavioral analysis to stop previously unseen ransomware and boot record attacks. Never pay a ransom again.

XDR Protection

With extended detection and response (XDR), organizations can secure the entire landscape and understand the impact of security incidents.

How Sophos Can Help

Sophos MDR

Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service. The Sophos MDR team takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats.

Sophos XDR

Sophos XDR is the industry’s only XDR solution that synchronizes native endpoint, server, firewall, email, cloud and M365 security. Get a holistic view of your organization’s environment with the richest data set and deep analysis for threat detection, investigation and response for both dedicated SOC teams and IT admins.

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