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The State of Cybersecurity 2023

The Business Impact of Adversaries

99% of IT professionals are concerned about cyberthreats affecting their organization in 2023. Data exfiltration (theft by an external attacker) tops the list of threats that IT professionals are most concerned about affecting their organization, closely followed by phishing (including spear phishing). Ransomware rounds out the top three placements.

The Business Impact of Adversaries

Based on a survey of 3,000 cybersecurity/IT professionals across 14 countries, this report reveals the reality of securing an organization from cyberthreats in 2023, and the business impact of adversaries.

The study revealed that today’s reality is a two-speed cybersecurity system with adversaries and defenders moving at different speeds. Through automation, cybercrime “as-a-service” models, stealthy impersonation, and adaptation, adversaries are accelerating and can now execute a wide range of sophisticated attacks at scale. The contents of this whitepaper will reinforce your business defense.

It includes:

  • Frequency and type of cyberattacks experienced over the last year
  • Top perceived security risks for 2023
  • The reality of alert investigation, including the average time to detect, investigate, and respond
  • The financial, operational, and resourcing impact of cybersecurity
  • Recommendations on how defenders can move ahead in this two-speed race.

Some of the topics covered in the State of Cybersecurity 2023:

Optimizing Prevention

How to stop attacks at the earliest possible point to minimize impact

Reduce Exposure

How to minimize opportunities for adversaries to exploit gaps or weaknesses in security

Disrupt Adversaries

Buy defenders time to respond in the event of an advanced human-led attack

The cost of adversary attacks

Discover how adversary attacks and overall recovery costs have changed.

Top cyber risk concerns

Discover top cybersecurity risks and concerns and their relationships.

The business impact

Know the negative impact of cyber threats to your IT team

The State of Cybersecurity

Findings from an independent study of 3,000 leaders responsible for IT/cybersecurity across 14 countries.

Wherever your organization is today, and where it wants to be in the future, Sophos can help you accelerate your defender flywheel and move ahead of today’s advanced adversaries. For more information, visit or speak with a security advisor.

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