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The State of Ransomware 2023

Discover the latest developments in attacks, ransom payments, and recovery costs

This year’s annual report reveals how ransomware attacks have evolved over the last 12 months. Discover the current rate of attack, how often data is encrypted, and the most common root causes of attacks. Plus, we reveal how experiences with ransomware differ based on organization revenue.

Compare your ransomware experiences with those of 3,000 IT professionals across the globe

3,000 IT professionals from 14 countries responded to this year’s report, revealing fresh insights into the impact and cost of a ransomware attack. They also exposed the business and operational impact of paying the ransom to recover data rather than using backups.

In this report you’ll find:

  • How the rate of ransomware attacks has changed over the last year
  • How often backups are used to recover encrypted data
  • The average ransom payment made by mid-sized organizations
  • The impact the data recovery method has on non-ransom remediation costs
  • How experiences differ based on organization revenue

Some of the topics covered in the State of Ransomware 2023:

The prevalence of ransomware

How many organizations were hit compared to the previous year.

Ransomware rates by country

Get individual findings for each of the 14 countries surveyed.

Root causes of attacks

Learn how attackers were able to execute attacks.

The cost of ransomware

Discover how ransom payments and overall recovery costs have changed.

How experiences vary by revenue

Learn the correlation between revenue and propensity to experience an attack.

The impact of ransomware

Explore the wider business repercussions of an attack.


The State of Ransomware 2023

Findings from a survey of 3,000 IT/cybersecurity leaders across 14 countries.

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